hard floor cleaning services in Cleveland, OH

Limited water consumption thanks to the accessories of the pressure washer

The pressure washer, therefore, is the most suitable proposal for those looking for a solution that guarantees not only impeccable cleanliness, but also considerable water savings . You may not know it, but it is possible to further reduce the water consumption thanks to the use of accessories and specific detergents, to be used in conjunction with the pressure washer to optimize cleaning effectiveness, further reduce washing times and, consequently, the water consumption hard floor cleaning services in Cleveland, OH

AR Blue Clean, for example, offers a series of very useful items, such as theĀ  Mini Patio , perfect for the care of outdoor floors, or the Power Brush and the Aqua Sweeper which, with a simple click, switches from the action of washing to rinsing. Then there are the fixed brush and the rotating brush , both suitable for carefully but gently cleaning different types of surfaces.

The choice of nozzle can also help remove dirt faster and easier. If the fan jet is recommended for more delicate materials and light dirt, for more stubborn dirt and more resistant materials, it is better to opt for the rotating nozzle, thanks to which you can get rid of stubborn dirt in no time. say (think of the moss on the outer walls , for example).

Furthermore, to save water, the use of detergents is essential , as they dissolve the dirt, guaranteeing an impeccable result.

The extra trick: reduce water consumption by using the pressure washer with rainwater

Pressure washers can also work by drawing water from a tank , rather than from the water supply. This represents another way to reduce the water consumption of the pressure washer: you could in fact think of recovering rainwater , collect it in a special tank and use it to power the pressure washer. The water can also be recovered from a well or from an underground tank where it is collected: in this case, a self-priming pump could be useful to recover the water and bring it to the surface to make it available to the pressure washer.

The pressure washer represents a greater investment than the classic water barrel, but it is an advantageous choice given the savings that it entails.